Triple Triple Gold Slots

Triple Triple Gold is a fun classic themed slot from WGs that has all the classic symbols like the BAR, cherries and the red 7. There's also a special Triple Triple Gold coin that you'll find while playing, and that's symbol offers some special perks. The game is designed to look like a classic slot game, complete with the pull handle on the side. It features a beautiful landscape in the background, and is a pretty enjoyable slot to look at. The game shows off the prize table right at the top so you can easily see it while playing. This classic slot offers some major payouts, but you'll have to be willing to risk $30 per spin in order to unlock the highest jackpot payout.

Easy to Play

Triple Triple Gold slots are so simple to play. You literally pick the amount you want to bet and just keep spinning the reels until you win big. That's all you have to do to make the most of the game. As you play you'll notice that wins are pretty common and you'll probably chain wins together regularly. This is all part of the game and it's something that you should expect from Triple Triple Gold.

Maximize the Wild

The Triple Triple gold coin symbol serves as the wild in this game, and it works as a booster for all your prizes. Get a winning combination that includes a single wild and you'll receive 9x the prize. Get a win with two wilds and you'll get 81x the standard prize. Many classic slots pay out prizes infrequently, or they pay out very small amounts, but that's not the case with Triple Triple Gold. Prizes come fast, and they're generally pretty large as well.

A Substantial Jackpot

The top jackpot of Triple Triple Gold slots is paid out for three of the Triple Triple coin symbols. It can be as high as $150,000 if you bet the highest amount and play three coins on your line. Players that only risk two coins could receive up to $100,000 and one coin users could get as much as $50,000 from the jackpot. Either way, there is a lot of money on the line with this classic slot game.

Triple Triple Gold slots aren't for everyone, but players looking for a good classic slot experience will undoubtedly enjoy what the game has to offer. It's fun to play and packs in a whole lot of prize potential for a classic slot.