Turkey Time Slots

When Thanksgiving time rolls around there are few slot games better to play to get into the spirit of the holiday than Turkey Time. It's a funny little classic slot that shows a hungry man trying to eat a turkey. You're a pilgrim that's ready to feast, and the turkey understandably doesn't want to be eaten. While trying to hunt down the turkey you could win some seriously nice bonuses.

Place Your Bet to Get Going

As with most WGS classic slot games there is just a single payline and it's up to you to place between one and three coins on it for your bet. It's advisable to bet three whenever you can, because you'll get larger prize payouts when you do that. Anyway, you can bet a measly one cent per spin, or as much as $30 per spin. The choice is entirely yours, so pick an amount that you are comfortable with.

Unlock the Top Payout

While playing this game it's possible to win as much as $24,000 if you risk the top amount of $30 with each spin of the reels. You can get this by getting three or more of the Pilgrim hats on the same payline. Once you do this you'll immediately receive the highest payout, which should make all that turkey chasing worthwhile.

Players can also win pretty big by getting the Pilgrim hat along with one of the other symbols, or two of the hats and other symbols. A single hat doubles any other prizes and two hats quadruples the prizes paid out. That means three leaves would pay as much as $2,400, but getting two hats and a leaf will pay out a whopping $7,200, which is pretty exciting if we do say so.

Secret Turkey Bonus Round

Get a single bonus turkey symbol on the payline and you'll be taken to the secret turkey level. Turkeys appear all over the screen during this bonus round and it is up to you to pick out the most valuable of all the turkeys. Whatever turkey you choose will display the total prize amount after it's chosen. This is the amount that you get, and some of the bonuses are pretty large.

Turkey Time is a basic classic slot game, but it's still fun and funny as well. You get the bonus game that many other slot games simply don't offer, and you'll have the chance to win decent prizes as well without having to spend a fortune to unlock them.