7x Lucky 7s Slots

7x Lucky 7's slot is a basic classic slot game with a bunch of 7's. They show off different colors, but other than that they all pretty much look the same other than the wild symbol. While playing this slot game you'll be trying for the huge top jackpot that the game offers, but you'll complete a bunch of different prizes using the wilds that are available on the reels. This slot is simple, but it's still quite a bit of fun and worth playing because of the lucrative top jackpot that it offers to players.

Huge Jackpot Potential

There is a lot of money to be won from this slot game thanks to the huge top jackpot prize of 7,500 coins. If you're betting the top amount of $30 while playing this slot, you could win up to $75,000 from a single spin. That's more than you can get from most classic slot games, and the top bet amount is pretty reasonable for it.

A Progressive Jackpot

7x Lucky 7's slot sets itself apart from most classic slots by being one of the few that offers a progressive jackpot. It randomly pays out to players that get lucky enough to win it and is generally worth 1000's. While playing you could win the major jackpot, or you could get the progressive jackpot as well, which is pretty exciting too.

Main Pay Table is Important

There is a small paytable on this slot game and a more comprehensive pay table. When playing the items listed on the small pay table are the ones that matter the most. That's because they are worth far more than the other symbols are. You should be going for the Wild 7's as well as the red 7's when playing this slot game because you can win some seriously huge prizes from them.

7x Lucky 7's slot is simple and to the point and it's perfect for classic gamblers that don't want anything too fancy. If you're only interested in the top prizes you only need to know the values on the small pay table. You could walk away with as much as 75,000 while playing this slot game, and you don't even have to invest that much to win it either, making this one of the more lucrative classic slot games available today.