Intertops Casino Classic want their players to experience tournaments at its best, players meet from all over the world, to show their abilities and skills on the games against other players, beginners or experts meet, new players get opportunities to improve their skills and learn from experienced players. New players need not feel they have no chance, as on a tournament everyone has an equal chance at the jackpot. There is nothing like the adrenalin rush when there is a competition, competitions spice things up and make them more exciting.

To join a tournament players need to pay an entry fee this is called a buy-in fee, every player that participates into the tournament deposits their buy-in fee, which is placed into a prize pool, the house takes a small percentage of the fee, at the end of the tournament, the prize pool either goes to one winner or might be distributed amongst the best performing players, check the rules for the tournament you wish to enter.

In the tournament all players will play the same set of games and try to win as many credits as possible, once the tournament has been completed all the scores (credits) will then be compared and the one with the highest-ranked credit will receive the largest share of the prize pool.

Excellent gaming and excitement

Tournaments offer great excitement and opportunities to interact with the other players, friendships have been formed through tournaments, if that is what you would want. A buy-in into a tournament places a greater vibrancy to any game and provides a lot of enjoyment for players that participate. Choose the game you want to play, buy-in and experience the fun and excitement of playing in tournaments at Intertops Casino Classic .