Amazing 7's Slots

You would be forgiven for being slightly skeptical of any game that uses the word amazing in its title. After all, this could be overreaching on the part of the creators.

So, putting that aside, we have the number 7 referred to in this Wager Gaming Technology title too. Could this be lucky for you, as some cultures view it as lucky? Let's see what it can offer.

Reels and win lines in use

If you thought this might be a classic three-reel game, you were mistaken. It offers five reels, and plenty of paylines too. It has 25 to bet on in total.

Coin values used

You have a rich mix of coins to work with here. For example, you could go as low as one cent on every line you want to bid on. Conversely, you could opt for a five-dollar top bet on each line.

Amazing 7s special icons to look for

This is normally the part of the review where we tell you there is a wild, and reveal what it looks like. But there is no wild symbol included in Amazing 7s.

Okay, so what about a scatter symbol then? There isn't one of those, either. That is a disappointment to us, as most five-reel games have those in play even if they don't have any bonus elements.

Bonus features to try and access

It may not come as a huge shock to see there are no bonus elements included in the game. These are typically unlocked with the help of the scatter, and sometimes by the wild, and since neither of these are in the game, you can't access anything.

This is disappointing too. The best way to approach the slot, we think, is to view it as a classic three-reel slot game based on a basic format, with two extra reels included for good measure. If you do that, you may not be disappointed.

Try and win prizes by downloading and playing Amazing 7s for real money now!

So, we now know what the game can offer us, and we can guess the audience that is targeted by the game. Anyone who loves simple slot games is likely to enjoy this, especially if they are usually restricted to games with three reels. At least here you have the potential to win bigger prizes for four and five symbols.