Coconut Grove Slots

Head off to your very own paradise while playing the Coconut Grove slot game. It's a classic slot that's over top of a peaceful palm-tree adorned island. You see a bright blue sky and palm leaves in the background. The reels themselves are covered in coconuts, sunshine and palm trees, just like the background. Coconut Grove is a simple slot game without many features to worry about, and that's what makes it so great to play.

Betting Your Money

You have quite a few different bet levels that you can choose from when playing this classic slot game. You need to bet five coins at all times, but you can risk from $.01 per coin to $10.00 per coin. That means you can bet just five cents all the way up to $50. That is a huge variation, which makes it very easy to bet the amount of money that you can actually afford to play with. Different players bet different amounts, and the amount you bet controls how much you actually win from this slot game.

Win Big

It's possible to win as much as $25,000 while playing this slot game. The way to do it is to get three of the coconut symbols on the payline of the slot game while betting the maximum amount of money. Do this and you'll instantly add a bunch to your bankroll and make the slot game well worth your time. There are other prizes available from the slot, but this is the one that everyone is trying to win.

One Winning Symbol

The palm trees and sunshine don't pay out any money at all. So the whole time you play this slot game the only thing you will be looking for is coconuts. Get them anywhere and you'll enjoy decent slot payouts. Get them on the payline and you'll be in for even more money, with a pretty impressive set of jackpot payouts for you.

Coconut Grove is basic and that's what we like about it. With just one prize paying symbol, you don't have to worry about anything else that appears on the reels. You'll win quite frequently thanks to the scatter feature of the coconut symbol. Try it out for yourself and you'll see the prizes are paid out frequently, even if it seems like it would be difficult to win.