Beach Party Slots

There's something particularly enjoyable about a high quality classic slot game without a bunch of extra features. Beach Party slots is a classic game with just enough symbols and a cool background that's a lot of fun to play. The very first thing you'll notice about this slot game is how good it looks. Beach Party slots has a beach background with sand, the ocean and a beach chair. It's pretty nice looking and the symbols for the game are clean and high quality as well.

Many of the Symbols Don't Matter

There are some classic slots that pay out prizes for one symbol only, and there are others that pay out prizes for tons of symbols. This one falls in between those two extremes, offering prizes for a small handful of symbols. The buff guy, the beach ball, the 7's and the bar symbols are all worth money. Everything else can be ignored because it won't pay out any money at all.

Betting up to 30

When you play Beach Party you can bet one to three coins on the center payline that all the prizes are made on. When you bet one coin you only have access to the lower prize and when you bet three coins you'll have access to the very top prize. You can risk between one cent and $10 on each of those coins, letting you bet up to $30 if you are feeling brave or you have a large bankroll to burn through. Beach Party makes a decent amount of betting options available, so no matter how you play slot games you'll be able to enjoy it.

Winning Big

The beach ball symbol is where all the good money comes from. Get three beach ball symbols on the payline and you will win a massive jackpot that's worth a huge amount of money. You can win between 1,000 and 2,000 coins depending on how much you bet. If you bet the top amount of $10 per coin, that means you could win up to $20,000 from Beach Party. That's big, and it's exciting to most people that would be playing the game.

Classic slots are a lot of fun, and Beach Party is one of the top classic slots that you can play today. It looks nice, offers a good jackpot and has just the right number of symbols to keep things interesting without making them complicated.