Triple 10x Wild Slots

For players looking for a pure Las Vegas style gambling experience, there are few slots that are more fit for the job than Triple 10X Wild. It's modeled after the classic slots from Vegas and designed to maintain simplicity while still remaining exciting to play as well.

A Classic Setup

The Triple 10X wild slot game is set up in the classic style. It has just three reels and a single payline. There's a small prize table and few extras. Players won't have scatters to rely on, but the game offers a lot through its wilds system, and that's what you'll be trying for while playing.

Betting Range

While playing Triple 10X Wild it's possible to bet between $.01 and $10.00 per credit. Players can wager between one and three credits per spin, making the working betting range between $.01 and $30.00. That's a huge range that will ensure most players find a comfortable level to bet at. All but the biggest high rollers will be happy with the $30.00 betting limit.


Triple 10X Wild isn't like the more advanced video slots available today, it follows a very simple setup. The game has just a single pay line going down the center of the reels, and players try to get a winning combination on that single line. There are standard prize symbols, but the highest payouts come from the three wilds. It's with those wilds that players can win as much as 30,000 times the coin amount with enough luck, and that's a significant amount no matter what level you're wagering at.

Massive Wild Prizes

Even though this classic slot game is pretty simple in design, there's still a chance to win some pretty significant prizes through the game's wilds. It's possible to get a multiplier between 3x and 30x depending on the wilds that show up on the different reels. A single wild on the first reel provides a 3x bonus multiplier. The same is true for a wild on the second reel. Getting a wild on the first and second reel offers a 9x multiplier, and getting a wild on the third reel offers a 10x multiplier. Players that are lucky enough to get wilds on the first and last reel will enjoy a 30x multiplier and wilds on all three reels instantly pays out a jackpot valued at 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 coins depending on how many coins you were wagering during the round.

Triple 10X Wild is a simple Vegas style slot game with just three reels and a pretty standard payout system, but it offers some pretty exciting prizes and can leave players with as much as $300,000 in winnings if they get the top prize while wagering the highest amount available.