Gold Rush Slots

Gold Rush is a pretty basic mining-themed classic slot game. It doesn't have many features at all, but does offer a pretty decent jackpot payout to players lucky enough to win. The game itself shows off a few standard symbols like 7's and cherries, as well as a few mine-themed symbols like pickaxes and golden stones. Overall it's a fun game, even if it is a bit simple.

Betting Simplicity

You can bet between one and three coins and you have a betting range of $.01 and $10.00. That means overall you can risk between $.01 and $30 on this slot game. Risk the top amount and you could win pretty big. Risk the smallest amount and your wins will be small as well. Take some time to choose your bet amount and make sure that whatever you are risking, you are comfortable with the risk. That will make your time with this slot game far more enjoyable.

Big Jackpot Potential

The golden ore symbol is the most valuable in this slot game and it's what you want to get above all else. Get three of them on the payline and you unlock a jackpot between 400 and 1,600 coins. Bet three coins and you could win as much as $16,000 from the jackpot which is very impressive and well worth the $30 bet. Bet a smaller amount and you'll win a far smaller jackpot.

Gold Ore Scatter

The gold ore symbol also serves as a scatter, so if you see it anywhere on the reels you'll have some money coming your way. You get two coins back for the gold ore for each coin that you bet. That means you'll essentially double your bet no matter what it is, if you have the gold ore scatter out on the reels. That makes it a bit easier to win consistently while playing.

There aren't any special bonus features in this slot game, but you do get a good clean game that's' fun to play. It features basic mining symbols that look pretty nice, along with good classic symbols that you would expect to see. There aren't any huge winning opportunities with this slot game, but you can still win some decent money if you're willing to bet a moderate amount with each spin. With just one payline you won't win prizes very often, but the prizes that you do win will be memorable.