3X Wild Cherry Slots

3x Wild Cherry is your classic slot game with a slight twist. The wild symbols in this game help multiply wins, giving you more chances to win really big while playing. Other than the special wild setup, you'll get a good solid classic slot experience from this game, which is what most players that try it out are looking for.

Straightforward Gameplay with No Bonuses

If you want a fun slot game without all the bonus features, 3x Wild Cherry is the game for you. It's a classic 3 reel slot with just a single payline. The game doesn't have bonus features and you pretty much just spin the reels and hope to win a prize. It's fun, but it's also simple. If that's what you're looking for you'll love this gaming experience for sure.

Multiplier Wild

Get the wild symbol involved with any other prize combination and the prize amount is instantly multiplied by 3. Get two of the wilds involved and the prize is multiplied by 9. Get three of the wilds and you'll unlock the biggest possible prize that you can win from this game, which is a sizeable jackpot. Next to the top prize of 1,500 coins for three wilds, the best you can get for two wilds goes along with the bell, giving you 1,350 coins in all, still a pretty decent prize, but not as much as all three wilds can offer.

Decent Bet Range

Even though there's only one payline, you have the opportunity to bet up to 3 coins on that line. That means you can triple any prizes paid out by the slot game if you lay down all three coins. There are plenty of coin values to choose from and they go from the minimum of $.01 per coin, up to $10.00 per coin. That means you can bet as little as $.01 per spin, and as much as $30 per spin. If you risk the top amount per spin, you could effectively win $15,000 from this slot game if you get three wilds. That's because the top prize is 1500 coins, which isn't too shabby at all.

Sure this slot game is simple, but 3X Wild Cherry isn't a bad game at all. It's a lot of fun to play, there are decent bonuses being paid out to players that win big, and there aren't any special surprises. You'll always know what payout to expect, and can see the pay table right above the play area of the game.