Triple Rainbow 7's Slots

Triple Rainbow 7's is a classic slot game from WGS that shows off 7's in all sorts of colors. The design of the game is very simple and you'll only be seeing 7's as the symbol with an old-school slot machine frame around the reels. That doesn't stop this game from being one of the most popular classic-style slot games offered by WGS though. It's a well-designed classic slot with a decent bet range and moderate top prizes for its type. Sure it's won't compare with a modern video slot in terms of features or prizes, but it's still pretty exciting.

Straightforward Gameplay

Like most classic slot games, Triple 7's is very straightforward. It features a single pay line and you'll be trying for combinations on that line and nothing more. There is no scatter symbol, there's no wilds, just straight up symbols off the pay line. That doesn't mean that you can't win decent prizes though, there are some pretty good ones available.

From the moment that you start playing you'll see a big pay table up top, this shows you all the winning combinations available. The top prize pays out as much as 4000 coins or a maximum of $40,000. The second prize pays out 1500 coins or up to $15,000 and the next prize down from there offers 300 coins or $3,000 but there are plenty of winning combinations to look for while playing the Triple Rainbow 7's.

You can press the reels on your own every time, or you can set the game to autoplay and let the reels spin all on their own unlocking prizes while you relax.

Not for High Rollers

Triple Rainbow 7's isn't a game that most high rollers are going to enjoy, because bets are capped at $20.00. There's a single pay line, and players will place two coins on it with each spin. Coin values can be anywhere from $.01 to $10, making the betting range $.02 to $20. That's good for new players or those with a smaller bankroll, but high rollers will want to look elsewhere for larger bets.

Any players looking for that old-school classic Vegas slot experience will love Triple Rainbow 7's slot. Sure prizes aren't enormous, and you have to bet a decent amount to unlock a big prize, but gameplay is straightforward with no bonuses, wilds or scatter symbols to worry about. Players can sit down and start playing the game without having to learn anything at all.