Triple Gold Slots

Triple Gold is a pretty standard classic slot game with a variety of ways to win. The nice thing about this slot is that you can win a pretty significant prize if you're lucky enough to get the top jackpot while you're playing.

Making the classic Bet

Like most classic slot games aviable from WGS, there is one payline. To take full advantage of this payline you can bet up to three coins on it per turn. You can set the coin value from $.01 to $10, giving you the option to bet between $.01 and $30 per spin. This is a decent range, but high rollers may be disappointed that they can't bet more per spin.

The Standard Classic Slot Look

Like many other classic slots before it, Triple Gold has a typical look to it that makes it difficult to differentiate from other online classic slots. The symbols are mostly BAR, 7 and cherries, with the Triple Gold symbol being the only unique one in the game. This makes it a bit dull to play, but the rewards given out help to make up for that.

The Triple Gold Wild

The real star of Triple Gold is the Triple Gold wild symbol. This symbol not only helps to complete prizes, but a single symbol multiplies the prize amount by 9 when it helps finish it off, and getting two of the symbols will reward you with 81x the prize amount, which adds up to some pretty amazing prizes. The very best prize that you can hope to get is paid out by three of the Triple Gold symbols though. Getting three will reward you with 5,000 coins when betting a single coin, 10,000 coins when betting two and 15,000 coins when betting three on the payline. If you're betting the maximum that you can while playing this game you could win as much as $150,000 from the top jackpot, which is one of the biggest payouts that you can expect from a slot by WGS, let alone a classic slot.

There aren't many special features with this lost game, other than the special multiplier wild, but it's still worth playing for the very large jackpot and the relatively low cost of playing the maximum amount. While some games will cost you $250 for a shot at the top jackpot, this will only cost you $30 per spin and give you as hot at a very sizeable jackpot.