Pay Day Slots

Classic slots aren't nearly as popular as they once were, but there are still plenty of players that want to sit down, relax and play a straightforward slot game without a bunch of special bonuses or complicated rules. That's exactly the type of person that will enjoy Pay Day Slots from WGS. This slot game features just three reels and a single pay line. It's simple and has a pretty mild theme as well. The slot has a purple background and showcases a guy with gold coins raining down on him.

What You See is What You Get

Players that are used to slot games with bonus features, lots of special symbols an interesting play are going to be disappointed with this slot. It doesn't have a whole lot to offer other than standard reel pulling play. You spin the reels and try for the biggest bonus of 2,500 coins. There's a wild symbol, but that's about it. The wilds will double any win that you get using them, so try and get wins with wilds as often as possible. Getting a win with two wilds will quadruple your win and getting 3 will award you with the biggest payout.

There's just one pay line in this slot game and you can bet between one and three coins on the line. You can wager anywhere from $.01 to $30 with each spin, and the top win can be as large as $25,000 if you're betting the full $30 when you happen to win. That's a real incentive to bet the maximum amount, but some players will be disappointed with the top prize compared to what you get from other casinos out there.

Advanced Controls

While gambling on the Pay Day slot you have a few buttons that make the game easier and more efficient. There's a play max button that risks the highest amount of money immediately. There's an auto play button that will automatically spin the reels for you so you don't have to do it yourself. There's also a bet one button that allows you to adjust how many coins you are betting one at a time.

Frequent Small Payouts

If you like slots that are pretty mild and safe, Pay Day is a decent option. It offers lots of smaller wins with a few big ones tossed in here or there. It's common for your balance to bounce up or down slightly while you play, with it ultimately staying near your starting position. It's possible to win big on the slot, but it's really rare to do so.