Winter Wonderland Slots

Winter Wonderland Slots

A slot game filled with hats, mittens, presents, ice skates, skis, gingerbread men and many other symbols that all relate specifically to winter and cold weather fun stands out among the rest of the winter slot games. It's impossible not to look at Winter Wonderland at least a bit fondly, and it's the careful design of this slot and all its symbols that made us interested in testing it out at least once. After looking over the design of the slot and all the different features that it has to offer, we knew we had to make a review of the slot game for everyone to read through. Below is that completed review and it explains everything that you will enjoy about the slot game if you decide to test it out. Read through our review and learn why Winter Wonderland is worth playing, or why you should skip it for something else instead.

Fixed Payline Wagering

Winter Wonderland is a slot with 20 fixed paylines. There is no option to turn the lines on and off, which means that the minimum wager you can have in place when spinning the reels is $0.20 per spin. That's still pretty affordable for the low-stakes gamblers, but some will wish they could wager a bit less with every spin. While the low end of the range if wagering limits is pretty affordable, you can make the slot much more expensive but upping your wager amount toward the upper limits of the range. It's possible to wager as much as $10.00 per line for a maximum wager of $200.00 per spin. That's a huge wager that should appeal to high rollers looking for a winter themed slot game.

Mediocre Standard Payouts

The base prize payouts in Winter Wonderland aren't anything to get really excited about. The highest payout that you can get comes from getting five of the snowman wild symbols on the same payline. You'll be rewarded a 4,000 coin payout, which is decent, but much lower than some other slot games. The next best payout that you can get from the slot is worth 1,000 coins, which is significantly less exciting. If you're searching for a high-paying slot game, this isn't the one to play, at least not during the standard rounds of Winter Wonderland.

A Solid Scatter Payout

Even though the basic fixed payouts from Winter Wonderland aren't that impressive, it's still possible to get a decent prize payout with help from scatter symbols. Getting five scatters out at the same time will leave you with a prize worth 250x your entire wager amount. That's a whole lot of cash and certainly something to get excited about as well. It's possible to win as much as $50,000 from scatters alone if you're wagering the maximum amount while you play this slot. It's one of the best payouts that you can get from Winter Wonderland besides for the prizes during the game's bonus round.

Free Spin Bonus Round

If you get three or more of the scatter symbols at the same time, you will trigger the free spin bonus round. During this round you'll enjoy 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier on every win that you get. That means all those bonus payouts that you get from the slot are tripled. The new fixed jackpot quickly climbs from 4,000 coins up to an impressive 12,000 coins, which is a prize payout worth getting excited about.

The Skiier Bonus Feature

If you can get a skier symbol on the first, middle and last reels of the slot you can trigger the special skier bonus feature. In this feature you will get a chance to choose the pathway that the skier is going to go down. The path that you choose will determine what sort of bonus payouts you unlock. Choose wisely and you can end up with an impressive prize. If you don't think the prize is good enough, you can swap it for a present that will be a bonus prize instead.

Play Using the Autoplay Feature

Winter Wonderland features a pretty impressive Autoplay feature that not only lets you choose how many spins you want to go through automatically, between 5 and 500, but also how long the spins take to complete. Make the spins go fast or slow, and also put in stop conditions that will make the slot get out of Autoplay mode when the time is right. There are enough different settings for you to configure Autoplay mode to work exactly the way you want it to. Winter Wonderland is an impressive online slot game with just enough features to be worth trying out. We can't help but falling in love with the different symbols of the slot, and even though the standard payouts aren't all that impressive, the bonus features of the slot make up for that issue and make this slot well worth trying out. You'll likely come to love the slot as much as we do, which is why we recommend Winter Wonderland to other gamblers.