Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

Turkey Shoot Wild X is a popular classic slot game themed after the Thanksgiving holiday in America. The slot game is designed to give you a chance at some solid prizes while getting to experience the theme of the holiday, and it's that combination of features that makes the game so interesting to test out. If you're interested in classic slot game, and you like the look of this one, read through our full review down below to learn more about the game and whether you will want to play it over the long term or not.

Choosing a Bet Amount

If you decide that you want to test out Turkey Shoot Wild X, one of the first decisions you will need to make when you begin playing the slot game is how much you want to wager per spin. There are plenty of different choices that can be made despite being stuck wagering on just a single payline. You can wager as little as $0.01 per spin with a single coin at the lowest value. You are also free to go all the way up to $15.00 per spin with all three possible coins on the central payline while setting them at their maximum value of $5.00 each. It's the wager amount that you choose that will determine all the rest of the reward payouts for this slot game and it's that decision that will determine whether the game is e exciting for you to play or not as well.

Exciting Multiplier Wilds

The big feature in Turkey Shoot Wild X is the powerful multiplier wilds that can show up on the reels. There are two different types of multipliers, and they can lead to all sorts of multiplied payouts depending on which combination you get on the reels. There are 2x wilds and 5x wilds. Getting a single 2x wild along with prize-paying symbols will double the prize payout. Getting two 2x wilds will give you a 4x multiplier. Getting a single 5x wild gives you a 5x multiplier. You can get a 10x multiplier with a 2x and a 5x at the same time, and you can get a 25x multiplier with two of the 5x wilds on the payline at once. Either way, it's possible to win some impressive prize payouts with these special symbols if you can get them along with a decent prize symbol as well.

An Excellent Top Payout

This slot game offers an excellent top payout amount worth 15,000 coins if you are wagering on all three of the paylines. In order to unlock this massive prize payout you need to get three of the 5x wild symbols across the payline at the same time. This could reward you with as much as $75,000 if you have a maximum wager in place while playing this slot game.

The Turkey Shoot Bonus

If you can get the bonus symbol on the final reel you will trigger the Wild Turkey shoot bonus round. In this special bonus you get to shoot at turkeys and you can unlock a top prize payout worth up to 500 coins. The prize isn't massive ,but for being an added feature to the slot game the bonus is still an exciting prize opportunity that's worth up to $2,500 with a maximum wager in place, which isn't too bad.

Thanks to the fun bonus round and the high-paying reward offer, there is a lot to enjoy about Turkey Shoot Wild X. The slot game is innovative for a classic slot and it's the type of game that we can happily recommend to other gamblers. If you want to test out a more advanced classic slot with the opportunity for some decent prize payouts, give the game a try, you likely won't be disappointed with what it has to offer you.