La Fiesta Slots

While La Fiesta slot has a pretty generic set of Latin American style graphics, it makes up for all that with its excellent use of color and backdrop. The game is set to the backdrop of a starry sky that helps make the bright and vibrant colors of the letters, numbers, and instruments show up all the brighter. The end result is that you get a very nice looking slot game that stands out dramatically.

Huge Bet Variation

Unlike similar sized games, La Fiesta offers a full 25 pay lines which means that players can bet as much as $250 on each spin of the reels. With this maximum bet it's possible to win up to $100,000 while playing the game, which is one of the higher amounts that a WGS slot pays out. Bet from as little as $.01 to get started at the lower levels, or go all the way to the limit for more serious betting action.

Standard Gameplay

While there are plenty of online slot games with tons of unique features and creative gameplay, La Fiesta is pretty standard overall. You get some wilds and some scatter symbols and a unique bonus game, but there isn't a free spin round or a special slot mechanic that keeps things more interesting.

The Candy Grab Dash

This game is about parties, it's about Fiestas and it's about candy obviously. For that reason it shouldn't be a surprise that the bonus game has you smashing apart pinatas looking for lucrative prizes. The special feature round starts the moment that you get three or more piñata symbols on the reels. Once the round begins it's up to you smash apart just as many pinatas as you possibly can while avoiding the empty one. Each smashed pinata awards you with an addition to your prize, and an empty pinata cancels the bonus round immediately.

A Strange Layout

The one criticism that we have about La Fiesta is that the layout is pretty weird. The spin button is in the lower right corner of the screen and the pay table is on the left hand side of the screen. The positioning of all the features is vastly different than what you see on most slot games today, making it difficult for long-time gamblers to switch over to.

Once you get over the odd layout there is a lot to like about La Fiesta. The colorful graphics pull you in and keep the game interesting, and the pinata smashing bonus round is strangely satisfying. There's even a respectable top bonus to shoot for that can give you a decent win.