Grail Maiden Slots

Serve as a brave knight as you try to hack your way to a top payout in Grail Maiden slots. This game has old-school medieval graphics, complete with towers, knights, princesses, scrolled letters and numbers and a pretty cool castle outline. It's an interesting game to look at and well worth trying out if you like the medieval look that this game shows off.

Straightforward Game Mechanics

There are no pay lines for you to choose from and everyone gets the same number of lines to work with when playing. This means you should really choose a bet amount that you are comfortable with, because you can't turn the pay line amount up or down. The game is straightforward with some wilds, a free spin round and scatters, but there aren't any special features really. Spin the reels yourself, or turn the autoplay feature on and let the game take care of it for you.

Small but Frequent Payouts

The jackpot of this slot game is only 1,000 coins, but that doesn't mean you won't win much money while playing. With 243 ways to win with every spin of the reels, you'll enjoy frequent payouts that help you build up a good supply of credits as you play the game.

The Grail Bonus

The grail symbol is the wild in Grail Maiden, and it can help you complete some seriously good prize payouts. In order to trigger the Grail bonus round you need to get the knight symbol, the grail symbol and the princess symbol all on the same line. Do that and you'll open up the special bonus round where you'll receive five free spins, expanding wilds and the chance to retrigger additional spins while working your way through a bundle of prize-paying rounds.

Limited Betting Options

Anyone that tries out Grail Maiden will have very limited betting options to choose from. You can bet a minimum of $.25 when getting started or as much as $1.00. This will disappoint the high rollers out there and probably some of the cheaper players as well that don't want to play in that gambling range. This also means that the prizes paid out by the slot aren't' all that large, though they will be comparable to other options in the same bet range.

Grail Maiden is not a good slot game for everyone. The bet amount is pretty limited and this keeps it difficult to win a sizeable amount of money while playing. Players that have no trouble staying within the betting restrictions will probably enjoy the frequent wins and all the chances to win some serious prizes as you play along. Grail Maiden is easy to learn and offers a free spin bonus round that is worth playing for. You won't win a massive jackpot on any one turn, but you could win many different prizes throughout your time playing the slot game, which makes up for the lack of large wins while playing.