Jurassic Slots

Take a trip to an exotic island holding some of the most ferocious dinosaurs that you'll ever see while playing Jurassic Slots from WGS. This online slot game shows off the tyrannosaurus rex, pterodactyl a helicopter and some scenery from the island itself. It's based on the exciting Jurassic Park films, and is a pretty cool little slot, even if the graphics aren't anything special.

Cool Graphics

This slot game shows off a series of cool little graphics that are all custom and unique. You won't find any card symbols while playing this game, and that gives it a cool look. The background of the game is a lush jungle with a rugged vehicle driving through with lights on. The feel and theme of the game makes it worth trying out, even if you don't find other features that you enjoy.

Big Betting Options

As a player trying out Jurassic Slots you can risk as little as .01 or as much as 250 on a single bet and spin of the reels. This is a huge range of prices and it's up to you just how much or how little you want to risk to get the most out of the game. Choose what you are most comfortable with and enjoy playing at that level for the duration of the game.

Jackpot Wilds

It's possible to get as many as 5,000 coins if you get five wild T-Rex symbols in a row. That means up to $50,000 in prize money for you, which is a great incentive to keep playing the game. You can win really big while playing and the T-Rex will help you complete other bonus payouts as well for even more wins.

The Thrilling Bonus Game

The best part of this online slot game is the bonus rounds that you can go through. This multi-level bonus game will bring you through three different rounds where you try and get the best possible prize that you can. Start by choosing one of the eggs and if you choose right you'll move on to the next round for bigger potential prizes. Get through all three rounds and you can keep the money you've accumulated or you can try for a mystery prize and maybe get even more from the game. The round is activated by scatter symbols when you get three or more of them at once, so look out for those and prepare for the bonus round if you get them on the reels.