Trick or Treat Slots

Get into the Halloween spirit this fall with Trick or Treat classic slot from WGS. This cool spooky slot game gives you a whole cast of spooky character symbols to look at as you try to win a witchy top prize. You'll enjoy some cool features along the way toward your quest to win big, and that means that this classic slot game has more to offer than most.

Get Set with a Bet

To start off this slot game you need to place your initial bet. You can risk as much as $30 by putting $10 on a coin and betting the maximum of 3 coins. You can also risk much less with a minimum bet of $.01. Choose the amount you are most comfortable with and get started playing for a chance to win big. It's important to note that betting three coins will triple any prizes that you win, and betting two coins will double your prizes. Needless to say, betting three coins is the way to go with this slot game.

Watch out for Witches

The Witch symbol is the wild and it's a multiplier as well. Needless to say, it's the symbol to watch out for when you play this slot game. When you are gambling a single witch symbol will replace any other symbol other than the bonus symbol, and help you complete winning payouts. The symbol will also double any prize that you unlock as well. If you get two of the witch symbols and another symbol you'll quadruple any prizes that you win from the game. Finally, three or more witch symbols gives you the grand payout of 2,400 coins, which is a pretty large sum if you are betting big while playing. You need to be betting three coins in order to unlock the top jackpot though, and betting a lower amount will leave you with a smaller win.

Win with the Bonus

Trick or Treat has a cool bonus feature that gives you a chance to win big on the special bonus round. You need to get one of the bonus symbols and to be betting three coins at the same time. Do that and you'll be taken to the spooky bonus round where you can win a sizeable amount of money if you are lucky enough. Make the right selection and you'll be leaving with much more than you started with.

Trick or Treat is a cool spooky Halloween slot game with decent features. Sure it doesn't come with anything too crazy, but it's certainly worth playing if you want to win big. You could take home a top prize amount of $240,000 with enough luck on your side.