Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

On the surface Ultimate 10x Wilds looks like a pretty standard classic slot. The game even plays like a classic slot does and maintains a high level of simplicity that most gamblers will enjoy. The game doesn't pay like a classic slot does though in terms of its prizes. There is a lot of money on the line when playing this slot, and it's possible to come away with some impressive wins. To learn more specifics about this very real benefit to Ultimate 10x Wilds, take a look at our review down below and you'll learn all you need to know about this slot.

Standard Classic Slot Wagering

The wagering in Ultimate 10X is pretty standard for what you should expect to find in a classic slot game. There is one payline, but up to three coins can be placed down on top of that line. Adding additional coins to the line gives you access to higher prize payouts. Coin values are limited to between $0.01 and $5.00 each. This makes it possible to wager between $0.01 and $15.00 overall, which is about right for a classic slot game.

Powerful Multiplier Wilds

There are two different multiplier wilds in this slot game, the 3x wild an the 10x wild. They can work on their own to multiply your wins, or they can team up and work together to create the highest paying prize multipliers. You can achieve all the following multipliers, 3x, 9x, 10x, 30x and 100x by combing the different multiplier wilds together, giving you a wide range of prize payouts that you can unlock while playing the slot.

A Massive Top Prize Payout

The maximum prize payout you can get from this slot game is an astounding 30,000 coins or up to $150,000 in cold hard cash. Triggering this prize payout is no easy feat though and you will need three of the 10x wild symbols on the same payline in order to win the maximum prize. You will unlock 10,000 coins for every coin that you have wagered on the payline, giving you the option to win as much as 30,000 coins if you are wagering with all three. That's a huge prize for a classic slot game, and it makes Ultimate 10x Wild as good as many of the modern-day video slots as well in terms of prize payouts. It's rare to find a classic slot with such exceptional prize payouts.

No Other Features

Other than the very impressive multipliers, there aren't a bunch of additional special features for you to enjoy in ultimate 10x Wilds. The slot game is pretty straightforward. Get the wild symbols to trigger the most rewarding prize payouts possible. Other than that, you just play the game and hope for the best paying symbols. There aren't any bonuses or special features, which helps to keep this slot game simple and easy to understand.

Ultimate 10x Wilds is one of the few classic slot games that offers prize payouts that are likely to still excite most high rollers. If you want to shoot for large prize payouts but don't want to risk hundreds of dollars per spin, this could be the perfect slot for you. It's affordable and still pays really well. Give it a try yourself and you're likely to find something that you enjoy about the slot game.