Stocking Stuffers Slots

If you're the type of gambler that enjoys a good classic slot game, Stocking Stuffers might be the right game for you. This slot game is just three reels with a single payline. As you spin, you'll be looking for just a few different winning symbol combinations. There are some exciting prize payouts to be had while playing, but for the most part you'll be going for smaller prize payouts one after another. Read on to learn more about this classic slot game through our in-depth review.

Standard Wagering

With just a single payline available the maximum wagers that you can put in place aren't that impressive when playing Stocking Stuffers. You can risk between $0.01 and $5.00 per coin, and wager up to three coins on that single payline for a maximum wager of $15.00. That's a good amount of money, but to a high stakes gambler it's not going to be enough of a risk or a reward.

Multiplier Wilds

When you glance at the prize table you might think that the lower level payouts aren't all that impressive, but you have an opportunity to come away with some serious wins while playing this slot game if you make use of the 5x wilds. Each paying combination of symbols that contains one of those wilds is multiplied by 5, giving you a more substantial prize payout. If you can get two of those wilds in your prize combination things get even more interesting with a 25x prize payout. This can reward you with up to 5,000 credits if you get two of the wilds along with the red 7 symbol. This isn't the only special feature that the classic slot game works into the picture either.

An Impressive Top Prize

If you are fortunate enough to get three of the 5x wild symbols, and you have three coins in place during your spin, you can unlock a 7,500 credit prize payout, which is a whole lot of cash no matter what you have wagered when you win. There are many standard slot games that don't offer payouts that large and this is one of the reasons that this classic slot game is worth testing out.

Cashing in on Holiday Cash

Holiday Cash is the special bonus round that triggers whenever you get the bonus symbol on the final reel. Get the symbol and you'll be taken to a special bonus round where you can pick out a prize. Pick carefully and you can end up with an impressive prize payout. This bonus feature triggers regularly and gives you another thing to look forward to while you play the slot game.

Stocking Stuffers is an exciting holiday slot game with just the right mix of special features. It's a game that we ended up really enjoying, and it's something we would be happy to test out again as well. Give the game a try for yourself to see what it has to offer, or at the very least look over the different features and decide if it's the type of slot that's for you or not.