Dog Gone It Slots

If you love dogs and you love online gambling, Dog Gone It might just be the perfect online slot game for you. This slot is set in the middle of a lovely looking park, and it features an exciting cast of different looking dogs. Each of the dogs in this slot are set with some ridiculous background that makes them more interesting. There's also a dog catcher that's doing his best to track down and trap the fun-loving canines in this slot. The nice looking symbols and excellent sounds help to make this slot exciting to play and give you something to look forward to each time you spin the reels.

Wagering for the Best wins

In Dog Gone It you have a good set of wagering options to work with. Depending on what sort of cash you are working with, you can easily wager a maximum of $250 per spin and a minimum of $0.01 per spin. To do this you set the number of paylines that you want to wager on, and you set the total value that you want for each of those lines. Those two figures together create the total wager amount, which can give you an excellent range to work within.

Wins Come Frequently

Between the scatter symbol, and the four highest paying symbols, you have a lot of chances to unlock good prize payouts when you play Dog Gone It. You only need to get two of any of these symbols in order to unlock a payout. Not only that, but there is a wild symbol that will make your prize payouts even more common. You can win between 2 and 10 coins for just two consecutive symbols in this slot, and also 1x your total wager amount for two of the scatter symbols.

Wilds Multiply Your Wins

The cute dog with the sunglasses and hat serves as the wild symbol in this slot game. This interesting wild will help you win more frequently and also help you win bigger and better prize payouts. This cool symbol will pay out as much as 5,000 coins if you can get five of them in a row. Even if you can't the wild will double any other prize that it helps to create for you.

Free Spins are The Best

Dog Gone It has one more trick up its sleeve and that's a powerful free spin bonus round. In this round of the slot game you can get between 24 and 40 free spins by getting three or more of the dog catcher symbols. The more dog catchers you get, the more free spins you stand to get. During any one of these free spins, you will enjoy double prize payouts the entire time. That means you could win up to 10,000 coins on a single spin during this bonus round, which is a whole lot of cash.

Besides the excellent theme, the nice graphics and the cool sounds, Dog Gone It is also a feature-rich slot game that's worth trying out. The game offers good solid prize payouts of up to $50,000 from a single prize combination. It also gives you the ability to unlock all sorts of prize combinations and long-term free spin rounds. Between all those features you can win a whole lot of cash from this slot game, and it's easy to see why people get so excited about playing it.