Tailgate Blitz Slots

For many American Football fans the fun of watching the game in person all starts wit ha good tailgate party. Before the game even starts you get set up out in the parking lot with beer, good food and all the treats that you really enjoy with friends and other football fans. This is a tailgate party and it's something that many fans really enjoy. This is exactly what Tailgate Blitz is all about and it's the type of slot game that certain people are going to fall in love with, while others will look past it to the other options with more features or more high-paying symbols. No matter how you feel about this slot game, it has a pretty unique theme and it does offer some promising features. That's why we were willing to assemble a review on the slot for you to look at. Sure, it might not be the best option out of everything available, but it's a decent game and it's worth a look at at least.

Basic Wagering Limits

In Tailgate Blitz you get pretty simple wagering limitations that make this slot seem pretty generic. There are 20 paylines and you are free to wager on as many or as few of the lines as you would like. On each line you have a single coin wager placed. This wager can range in size from $0.01 to $5.00 overall. That's not a huge range, but the betting gap grows larger when you consider just how many different lines you can wager on at the same time. With the different betting settings it's possible to wager as little as $0.01 and as much as $100.00 overall. That's an excellent mix of wagering options, and it means that you can choose to be big or small and still find an amount that you are comfortable with as a serious gambler.

Smaller Jackpots and Scattter Prizes

The jackpots and scatter payouts aren't all that exciting in this slot, and this is the area that the game really falls short in. The best scatter payout that you can get is 100x your total wager amount, or up to $10,000 if you have the maximum amount wagered as you play the slot. That's not a huge potential payout and nothing to get overly excited about for the risk that you are taking to play the slo.t. The next best win that you get comes from getting a mix of burger and hotdog symbols as well as a beer. Get that combination of symbols and you will win up to 500x your wager amount for a nice sized prize payout. Besides for those two features, the rest of the payouts are quite small and uninspired.

A Cool Bonus Game

It's pretty rare to find a scratch card game while playing a slot, but that's exactly what you get for the Tailgate bonus feature in this slot. Getting three or greater of the $ signs on the reels will trigger this special feature. Once it's active you get to scratch between two and seven prizes depending on the total number of scatters you got to trigger the round. Your scratches will reveal many different instant prizes that will help you enjoy your gambling experience just a bit more. Not only do you get access to some solid instant prize payouts, but you get to enjoy the experience of scratching off those cards to uncover the prizes. That's an exciting experience all by itself and makes the slot game worth testing.

A Basic Autoplay Feature

Tailgate Blitz comes with a simple Autoplay feature that allows you to start and stop the Autoplay mode. When this feature is activated you won't have to press spin on the reels any longer. Instead, the slot game will do all the spinning for you. This virtually guarantees that you can start and stop when you like, and it can help you play over an extended period of time without getting tired of pressing the spin button again and again.

Tailgate Blitz is a fun slot game for Football fans that really like the theme of the game. It's not the type of slot that's going to pull you away from an already good slot game, because it just doesn't offer enough features or a high enough prize payout. With that said, for fans of the sport the slot is very enjoyable and certainly worth a try or two.