Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

On the surface Goblin's Gold Wild X appears to be a pretty standard slot game. It has a small paytable that's visible the entire time that you play. The game features just a single payline that you have to get your wins on. It also doesn't offer any massive prize payouts when compared to most modern-day video slots. With that said, there are a few features that separate this classic slot from most of the others that you've likely tried in the past. It's these differences that make the slot game worth trying out, and worth recommending overall. We'll cover what those are down below and why we actually enjoyed this classic slot game quite a bit.

Wagering Fun

This slot has just one payline but you can wager between one and three coins on that central payline to get the wager amount that you want in position. Coin values can be set from a low of $0.01 each up to $5.00 each. Considering the coin value and the total number of coins that you can wager and you get a wagering range between $0.01 and $15.00 per spin. That's respectable for a classic slot game and it gives you real options to work with as you play the game too.

Auto Nudge

It's hard to resist slot games that incorporate some sort of nudge feature into the game. That's because the nudge feature will increase your chances of walking away with a prize payout. After going through standard spins, the nudge in Goblin's Gold Wild X can move the BAR symbols into a more central position and leave you with an exciting payout as a result. The nudge feature works to get you better wins and it's going to be responsible for many of the best wins that you're able to get from this slot.

3x Wilds

While most of the payouts in this slot game are small, you can get good solid wins with help of the 3x wild symbols. These wilds will triple any payout that they help finish, and two of them will get you 9x the standard prize amount for the other symbol present. Getting all three of them will help you get the maximum payout of up to 2,500 coins if you have three coins wagered when playing the slot. That's a decent prize payout and could be worth quite a lot if you have a higher wager in place while playing the slot.

Gambling with Your Winnings

Every time you spin and win you have the option to gamble with your winnings and try to get a bigger and better payout. If you choose to gamble you must make a decision to try and double your winnings. Be careful though, the wrong decision can leave you without any winnings at all! This gamble feature can be used after every win, and if you're really daring you can gamble with your winnings multiple times in a row to try and really multiply the total cash that you get from a single win.

The Goblin's Treasure Bonus

The main feature that sets this classicish slot game apart from the many other classic slots is the unique bonus game. In this treasure bonus you are tasked with going through one step after the next as you try and make it as far as you possibly can without ever landing on an exit space. If you can make it 50 steps you will unlock the maximum treasure bonus and walk away with a literal pile of treasure for your efforts.

Thanks to the multiplier wilds, the special bonus round and all the different ways there are to win while playing this slot, we enjoyed playing it. If you like the look and design of classic slots, but wished you could enjoy more special features while playing, Goblins Gold Wild X might be the right option for you. Give it a try for yourself and then decide whether it's the right game or if you should be playing something else entirely.