Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

Does the X in the title of this new slot give you a clue to which developer created it? You will find out shortly whether you are correct, but in the meantime, we should mention how impressive this game is. It is ideal for anyone who likes to keep things simple, yet wants a few neat features rolled in to keep them entertained too. There are a few clues in there to what you can expect to see when you play this game. Shall we check out the Fruit Loot Wild X slot now, so you can see what it can offer you?

Guess the name of the slot game developer

If you were thinking about WGS when you saw that title - including the X - you were correct. This is the latest in the X-themed series of games from this developer, and it looks set to join its predecessors in offering a great experience for everyone who wants to play a cool slot.

Does it include any demo play?

It does. In keeping with many other WGS slot games, this one does have a demo you can check out. You can load the Flash version in your browser, with some casinos allowing you to do this even if you haven't yet joined as a member. That means you will have the chance to play it and see what you think. Easy, huh?

What theme is used for this game?

The title gives it away, as there are some fruits involved in this slot. You will see other icons on the reels too, but we will learn more about those shortly. Suffice to say the title and the image behind it focuses on the fruity side of things.

Does the game use a good game design to draw you in?

Yes - think of this as the online version of a classic slot machine. Look closely and you will see hints of a casino in the background. You can even see other slot machines nearby. The one you will play has a lever on the right, although this is not used in the game itself. It is merely provided for decoration and it does suit the game and presentation very nicely.

What type of slot game is the Fruit Loot Wild X slot?

If you hadn't already guessed, Fruit Loot Wild X is a three-reel slot. It is not your average three-reel game though, as it has some other features included in it. There is no progressive jackpot, and the game doesn't feature a bonus either.

How many paylines can you cover?

With just three reels in play, you may have thought you were going to be restricted to just one payline. However, you get five to cover instead. That means you will see larger reels than would normally be the case. Those lines are fixed, so you need to take that into account when considering your bet.

What are your betting options?

Fruit Loot Wild X requires one, two, or three credits to be placed on each of those five lines. As you adjust the coin quantity, the credit winners will automatically change when viewed in the paytable. This means you can easily see what the outcome would be if you achieved any of the prize-winning combinations shown.

Meanwhile, you also have a chance to adjust the value of each coin played. One cent is the cheapest coin, but there are 10 other values to choose from as well. The most expensive is $10, so make sure you choose something that will be right for your budget. Don't forget to confirm the number of coins played per line, too.

You can see the paytable on the screen

It appears above the reels, so you can refer to it whenever you wish. The biggest prizes are always shown first. You will see there is an option to 'view more pays' as well. This reveals the second page of the paytable, also on the same screen.

The most important symbol is the Fruit Loot 3x icon. If you have played other X Wild slots from WGS, you will know this appears as an oval icon with the title of the slot around the edges. This is the wild for the game. It replaces all but one symbol (we will reveal which one shortly), but it also pays out on its own.

One wild on a line will pay out 3x your bet. Two wilds on a line pay out an impressive 9x your bet. As you might guess, three wilds on a line pay the game jackpot. The amount paid depends on how many credits you wagered. One, two, or three credits will bring you 100x, 200x, or 300x your bet respectively.

Any bonus round to look for?

No, there is nothing like this in Fruit Loot Wild X.

No free spins either, surely?

That's where you're wrong, thankfully! We do get the chance to earn some free games by looking for the FREE GAMES icon on the reels. This is the only symbol the wild cannot substitute. The icon has lots of assorted fruit on it and is easy to see. The idea is to find three of these symbols anywhere. In doing so, your bet is returned to you and you get 10 free games to play. These can be retriggered and there is no limit to the quantity you can secure.

Wins are tripled in these games, although wilds must appear in a winning combo for this to happen, according to the information provided with the game.

Do we know the Game RTP?

No, this is not given for the title.

Our slot game rating

We love the Fruit Loot Wild X slot. It follows handsomely in the footsteps of the previous titles in this themed series. We love the fact we get to play free games too if we get the right combo to trigger them. As such, we are giving this three-reel slot 8 out of 10.

Will we hear about any slot game winners?

We may do if people want to share their experiences playing this game. However, since it has only just been released, we have not yet heard of anyone getting the biggest prize.

Try the practice play version to see how the features work

Will this slot game appeal to you? The best way to figure out whether it will, is to try the demo version. This is easy to load and convenient to play - just what you need to start with. It also means you can figure out how to adjust the betting options to bring up a total spin bet you are happy with.

Will you play for real money?

The choice is yours. If you do, you will need to sign up to a casino offering WGS games to play. There are several leading ones you could try, so give the demo a shot and go from there.

Mobile play convenience

Yes, you can check out Fruit Loot Wild X on your mobile too. That means you could pick up your Android or iOS tablet or even a smartphone to spin the reels of this great new game.