Bluebeard's Bounty Slots

Get into the pirate lifestyle while searching for some valuable treasure playing Bluebeard's Bounty. This classic slot game offers a wide range of payout symbols and some decent jackpots. It's simplistic, but it's nice to look at and there are enough symbols to give this classic slot a more complex feel. You'll be surprised at the sheer variety on offer with this game, and all the different possible prize combinations that can be won.

The Pirate's Bet

As a pirate it's up tp you to lay down a bet and play for real cash. Your betting options are more limited than they would be with a modern video slot, because this classic slot has just one payline, like most classic slots do. You can bet between one and three coins on the line, and the coin value determines how much money you'll bet overall. You could risk a mere $.01 or as much as $30 each and every time that you spin the reels.

Huge Symbol Selection

There are actually 9 different symbols that appear on the reels of this slot game. That's a whole lot of potential combinations for just a single payline, which means you have lots of ways to win, but it also means that getting winning combinations is more difficult. This keeps things interesting, but creates an experience with less frequent wins overall.

Go for the Top Prize

There aren't any special bonus rounds in this slot game, so what you are going for is the top jackpot amount that you can possible get. That's worth 1,500 coins, which is enough to get excited about, but certainly less than many other classic slots available today. If you're lucky enough to get the three wilds necessary to unlock this top bonus, hopefully you're playing for the top amount so you can win $15,000. That's certainly a decent chunk of money and it's worth playing for, but it's tough to win and few players do.

Blue Beard's Bounty is a tough slot game to win, but it's dead simple to play. There's nothing to do other than spinning the reels. With so many symbols you'll take added time to make winning combinations though, and that means that you'll have to hope for big prizes to keep you in the positive as you play. This pirate themed slot looks really good though, and it's just the game for classic enthusiasts to try out.