Marvelous Marlins Slots

Marvelous Marlins is a cool classic themed slot game that has a different set of gameplay mechanics and a different feel compared to other slots that you might try out. This online casino game features a range of cool fish symbols, has a good look and offers a unique feel that makes it worth testing at least once.

Cool Theme and Look

Marvelous Marlins doesn't offer special bonuses or any massive prizes ,but it's a nice looking game that stands out for that purpose. The whole game is over top of a ocean backdrop with the pay table off to the right and the slots themselves in the top left corner of the screen. When the reels spinning on this slot game you'll see a bunch of different fish and marine life flash on by. The only thing that pays out in this game is the Marlin though, so you'll quickly learn to see right through the other fish when you play.

Simplistic Betting

While some slot games give you countless betting options, that is not the case with Marvelous Marlins. You have just a few different options to choose from. You can start out with a modest bet as low as $.01 when you get going initially and you can really turn up the heat up to a maximum of $50 if you risk $10 per coin with five coins on the paylines of the game. This is pretty standard for a classic slot, and it's exactly how you win the bigger prizes.

Win Big

The biggest jackpot that you can get from this game is 45 times your bet amount. That's not too bad and it's triggered by getting Marlins in the proper position. When you do this you'll enjoy a win up to $2250 if you're betting the maximum amount. That's a pretty small jackpot compared to the amount that you have to bet to get it, but wins are very frequent in this slow game, helping you rack up a decent bankroll in no time at all with a bit of luck.

Unique Slot Mechanics

This slot game is split into three different paylines and features a unique mechanic where the winning amount depends on the line that you win it on. The top line is the most valuable, the middle is in the middle and the lowest line is the least valuable. Each payline that you climb up awards you three times as much prize money. When you hit a win on the top payline and you're betting the maximum amount, you'll be awarded with 45 times your bet amount. That's pretty exciting, but is massive compared to the 5 times bet amount you'll get when you win on the bottom payline. Marvelous Marlins isn't a huge payout kind of slot, but it's still fun. It feels more like a minigame with decent prizes as long as you keep playing. Give it a try and you might walk away with a nice little win.