Shaaark! Slots

Shaaark! Slots

Shaaark!Is an exciting online slot game that puts you right on the beach where a voracious shark is gobbling up everything in sight. It's the movie Jaws in cartoon format and it's a pretty cool game if we do say so ourselves. The game shows off deep blue waves, a speed boat and a giant shark fin moving through the water. Of course the swimmers and the beachgoers are terrified and that's all part of the fun. This 25 payline video slot packs in plenty of special features that will give you ample opportunity to win some serious cash while playing this cool slot game.

Place Your Bet

Before you can get started with your exciting day at the beach, you need to lay down your bet to get started. You can bet between $.01 and $250 over 25 different pay lines, so choose an amount that you are comfortable risking and lay it down.

Super Bet Mode

While playing this slot game there are two bet modes. Standard bet mode that you can play at the normal wager level, and Super bet mode, that gives you an increased chance of winning money. In order to activate Super bet mode you'll need to up your wager by 5 times the normal amount, but once you do you'll see far more wilds appearing on the reels and enjoy a better chance to win some serious prizes. That's why we recommend you choose a low bet amount that you can easily afford and then set the game to Super bet mode to give yourself a good chance.

Go After Lounging Floaters

As a shark looking for a tasty meal, it's in your best interests to go after the people floating around in inflatables. These symbols offer the biggest payout with up to 1,000 coins if you get five all on the same pay line. That's a pretty significant prize payout and that's exactly why the floaters are the ones you should be looking for the most while playing.

Shark Fin Free Spins

The shark fin symbol is the multiplier in this game and getting three or more of them is all you need to do to initiate the free spin bonus round. Get them anywhere on your reels and you'll be credited with 10 free bonus spins. Any wins that come from those bonus rounds is instantly doubled, and if you have the Super bet mode activated beforehand you'll enjoy it's perks on each of those free spins as well, meaning many more prize payouts most likely.

Shaaark! Is a cool little slot game with enough features to keep things interesting. The animations and cartoons are fun and it's the type of game that you probably won't mind playing again and again. Of course it doesn't hurt that it pays out some pretty decent jackpots that you can look forward to.