Caribbean Gold Slots

Fans of pirates will just love the gambling experience offered by Caribbean Gold slots. It's a very convincingly decorated game with treasure chests, skulls and all the other graphics you'd expect from a pirate themed game. The slots themselves offer a pretty standard play experience with wilds and jackpots to shoot for and there are two different bonus games that really keep things interesting.

Look and Setup

WGS went all out when putting together this slot game. They created it around a pirate theme, which means there's a collection of pirate-inspired graphics that really bring the game to life. There's a pirate, a parrot, skull and crossbones, and a bunch of card symbols that look more like jewelry than actual symbols. Add in numbers laid over planks at the bottom, an old wooden steering wheel and you get an impressive theme that sets the mood for any pirate lover. The game itself is a standard 5-reel slot with 25 pay lines overall, and it comes with all the standard features you would expect, including auto play, and a max bet button for convenience.

Betting Range

Like many modern-day video slots, Caribbean Gold Slots give players a huge betting range to take advantage of. It's possible to bet between $.01 and $250 on Caribbean gold for each spin of the reels, and with a top jackpot of 3,000 coins it means you can win as much as $750,000 while playing this slot game. No matter what your bankroll looks like, you'll be able to find a stakes level that's just right.


This 5-reel slot game is pretty straightforward to play. You spin the reels and hope for jackpots while racking up a bunch of smaller wins. Things only really get interesting when you unlock one of the two bonus games offered though, because that's where the real money is won.

Unlocking the Bonuses

There are two special game modes in Caribbean Gold Slots. There's the free spins round and there's the Sunken Treasure bonus game. The free spins are triggered by getting a total of three or more treasure symbols on the reels while playing. Once you do that you'll have to choose from a set of symbols until you get a match. The symbol you end up choosing determines your multiplier that will be set throughout the duration of your 10 free spins.

There's no special step to unlock the Sunken Treasure bonus, it just starts up randomly after some spins. During this bonus round you'll sail from island to island looking for treasure. At each one you'll find a prize amount, a treasure chest with a massive reward, or a shipwreck. Three shipwrecks and you'll lose half your treasure and the bonus game will stop, but you can escape with your prize money at any time.

It's hard not to fall in love with Caribbean Gold slots. There are enough bonuses and chances to win to keep most players interested, and the more involved bonus games help to keep long play sessions fun.