Lucky 7's Slots

Lucky 7's slots is the classic slot game that you've probably tried at some point in the past but on steroids. It has a pretty cool wild multiply feature that pays out some nice prizes and makes the game worth playing.

Clean Graphics

The very first thing I noticed about this slot game is that the graphics are impressively clean. Even though the whole game is a bunch of 7's, it's pleasant to look at and the graphics are a selling point for this slot. As you play, you'll find yourself enjoying the bright colors and clean 7 graphics that you encounter.

Multiplying Wilds

The Triple 7 symbol is the wild in this slot game and it's a powerful tool to help you win as much money as possible. Get one of these symbols and any prize that it's part of is tripled. Get two of them and the prize is multiplied by 9. That's something to get excited about.

Big Wins

The triple 7's symbol is the wild in this slot game and it also is the key to the top jackpots. Get three of those babies and you'll be looking at between 1,500 coins for a single coin bet and 4,000 coins for a double coin bet. Since you get more than twice the amount if you win with two coins, you should always place a double coin bet, even if it is a smaller amount of money, because you will win more money over time.

Place your Bet

You have a few different betting options to choose from when you get started playing Lucky 7's slots. You can bet a small amount as low as $.01 with a single coin, or you can risk all the way up to $20.00 with two $10 coins on the single payline of this slot. The choice is up to you, but if you risk the top amount you could win as much as $40,000, which is an exceptional amount of money for just $20 on a classic slot.

While Lucky 7's doesn't offer a ton of fancy features, the wild more than makes up for it. You'll love playing this game because there is real money on the line and it won't cost you much to win big either. The 4,000 coin jackpot is more generous than what you'll get from most other online classic slots today, and that's why people keep playing.