Cupid's Arrow Slots

Try for love while shooting for top prizes in the exciting online Cupid's Arrow slot game. There are wilds, a bonus round, scatter symbols and more, all blending into the unique cupid theme of the game. While you play you'll be looking for the wild blue bow symbols around the reels, there are plenty of other potential symbols that will pay out prize money as well. Hearts

Win Really Big

While playing Cupid's Arrow it's possible to win a top prize jackpot of up to $100,000 if you're brave enough to bet the top amount as you play. Even without winning the top prize there are plenty of other prize opportunities from this slot game.

Free Spins Round

The simple free spin round reward is given out to any players that manage to get three or more of the free spin symbols. It's as simple as that! While you're playing the slot, if you see three free spin symbols on the reels you'll be rewarded with free spins that you can use to build up your total prize pool nicely.

Playing the Bonus Game

While playing this relaxing little slot game you'll have the opportunity to try for bonus winnings if you get lucky enough. To qualify for the bonus you need three or more bonus symbols. The moment that you unlock the bonus round you'll get a choice between several different balloons on the screen. Some will have prizes and some will not. Choose the right balloons to really up your total prize amount and make sure that you win big as you play.

Fast Mode

If the standard version of this game is a bit too slow for you, there is also a fast mode to the slot game. Select the lightning symbol and the game immediately picks up its pace and offers a more exciting and dynamic experience to everyone. This makes it easier to win and will help you cycle through the rounds of the slot quicker as well.

Cupid's Arrow is a cool little slot game with a lot of promise. It's fun to play, comes with plenty of features and offers decent prizes as well. Get lucky enough and you could walk away with a very generous top prize. Give the game a try yourself and you'll find that it has more than enough features to keep you busy over time.