Birds of Paradise Slots

Birds of paradise are so-called because they look beautiful and have many bright colors in their feathers. You will see some of them here, because there are various birds included in the paytable and they are worth various amounts to you as well.

The whole theme is very relaxed, which is nice when you want to play something more laid-back than your average slot game.

Reels and win lines in use

You won't find anything unusual about the layout included here. With five reels and 25 lines, it will no doubt look familiar to you.

Coin values used

Whatever budget you are working with, we feel sure you will appreciate the large array of bets that could be placed here. With a one-cent coin as the smallest one you can use and five dollars as the biggest, you should find something that will suit you.

Birds of Paradise special icons to look for

If you spot the orange bird, you are in luck - this is the substitute. More importantly, it could win you up to 10,000 coins, as this is the amount given for finding five orange birds on a single line, providing you wagered money on it.

If you see birds, you can be sure there are nests filled with eggs not too far away. This is true in this game, too, because it gives you a chance to look for little nests, each populated with three blue eggs. And if you hadn't guessed, this is the scatter symbol.

Bonus features to try and access

Three bird's nests bring a very generous prize in the shape of 20 free spins. It's common to get 10 or 15 in this instance, so 20 is very nice indeed.

You are also able to win another 20 if you can find three more nests during the first set of free games. And that isn't all for perks, either - how about enjoying a x2 multiplier on every prize? This includes the jackpot, too, which means you could win up to 20,000 coins on a single prize in this feature.

Try and win prizes by downloading and playing Birds of Paradise for real money now!

We really enjoyed the Birds of Paradise slot game. It has lots to offer and while it does not break new ground in any sense, it does satisfy most requirements you are likely to have with any slot game.