King Tut's Treasure Slots

The King Tuts Treasure slot game is a simplistic Egyptian themed slot that has just three reels and pretty standard prizes. The slot shows off a pay table up above and nice clean reels down below. It's clear what all the prizes are worth the moment that you start playing, making it easy to go through the game knowing exactly what to expect.

Place your Bet

When you start playing this slot game you'll need to place your bet. You can risk as little as $.10 and as much as $30 per spin while playing. That means you can effectively win a top prize of $20,000 if you manage to unlock the jackpot, that's a pretty significant amount and certainly worth playing for when you only have to risk $30 in the process. No matter what you bet it's best to put three coins on the payline to ensure that you get the biggest possible prize payouts. Any less and you'll miss out on winnings each and every time.

Use the Camel Scatters

It's pretty rare for a classic slot game to have scatters, but they are available on King Tut's Treasure. The camel symbols serve as the scatters in this game and getting two or more is enough to reward you with a prize. The prizes are small for the scatters, but they are good to get some more money flowing into your account as you play.

Leveraging the Wilds

While playing this standard slot game you'll want to make the most of the King Tut wild symbol. Not only does it stand in for all the symbols, but it also doubles any win that you get. It's possible to win as many as 2,000 coins by getting three of the King Tut symbols in a row, but any prize that a wild helps you complete will be doubled, making it a very valuable symbol for you to focus on.

King Tut's Treasure slot doesn't offer any special features, you simply spin the reels and hope for one of the winning combinations. Of course getting wilds is better than anything else, but you can win decent prizes with some other symbols as well. The pyramids for instance will pay out up to 300 times your bet if you have three of them, or 600 if there is a wild and two pyramids. Overall the game is simple, it's straightforward and it looks pretty nice. It's not super exciting and doesn't offer any hidden surprises, but that's the way some gamblers like it.