Orient Express Slots

The Orient Express slot game has nothing to do with the well known train line, but instead is based on a Oriental theme, complete with dragons, Tigers, Gongs, warriors and more. The game has a cool look to it, though the graphics seem a bit dated compared to some recent slot games released. Overall the slot is cool, but you may not be amazed at the features offered by it when you sit down and start playing. Read on to learn what this slot excels at, and what it falls short on.

Unusual Paylines with Decent Bet Range

The weirdest aspect of this slot game is the number of paylines that you have to bet on. The total is 21 paylines, allowing you to risk between $.01 and $210 on this slot with each spin of the reels. To get to the maximum amount you'll need to set your coin value to an astounding $10 per coin, and you'll have to bet over all the available paylines. Do that and you could win some nice jackpot payouts.

Standard Jackpots

Orient Express slots doesn't offer any crazy jackpots like some of the other WGS slots that you can play today, but the prizes paid out are still decent. Get five of the red dragons for a decent 2,500 coins. Get four of the red dragons for the next highest jackpot payout of 1,000 coins. Other than these jackpots you don't have many big winning opportunities, so you'll be looking for the red dragon symbols a lot while you play.

Play for Free

There's no reason to risk any money at all to enjoy this online slot game. You can simply play it for free and get used to the symbols and the way that money is paid out. There aren't many special features of this slot game, so you can easily gamble without taking much time to learn what you are doing. Still, it's fun to play for free and a good way to warm up before risking real money.

The Orient Express slot game looks nice, but it lacks features and major jackpots. There's a decent betting range to take advantage of, but other than that there isn't much to look forward to. If you really like the theme of the game you'll probably enjoy playing it, and you may like the straightforward mechanics, but if you want a lot of features you'll find this slot a bit lacking.