Dynasty Slots

Celebrate the ancient Chinese culture with Dynasty the slot game. It shows off high quality swords, elite warriors and battle flags. The game displays ancient Chinese architecture and the background shows off part of the Great Wall of China, making it very clear that this is a game all about the Chinese dynasty. It's pretty cool to look at, though the graphics appear a bit dated, and it offers some worthwhile features as well.

Place Your Bet

The betting limits in this slot game are broad, just like many of the top WGS slot games. You can comfortably risk only a single cent while playing and enjoy hours of spinning without risking any major money. You could also turn up the heat and risk as much as $250 on a single spin. This is only for the serious gamblers with money to burn, but those that do take the risk will have a shot to unlock massive rewards.

Shoot for the Warrior

The very best symbol that you can get in this slot game is the warrior, which will pay out up to 5,000 coins or as much as $50,000 if you're playing for the top bet amount. This is a pretty significant amount of money and it's exciting enough to keep players going. You can unlock this by getting five warriors or by getting warriors and wilds together, either way you'll be going home with a serious prize. Next on the list after the warrior is the temple, and this will pay out as much as 1,000 coins or $10,000 if you're betting the top amount and you get 5 of the symbols. It's worthwhile to try for as well.

Scatters are Worth it Too

The emperor symbol is one of the next best to look out for because it's easy to unlock bonuses with it. It serves as a scatter and will pay out as long as you get two or more of them anywhere on the reels of the slot game. if you manage to get five scatters you'll enjoy a top prize of 200 coins, which is pretty decent.

There aren't any special bonus rounds in this slot game, but that doesn't keep it from being enjoyable. Players can still spin the reels and hope for some serious prizes along the way. It's possible to greatly inflate your bankroll with a couple of lucky spins, so keep turning those reels and hoping for the best, you might be surprised what you get.