Go For Gold Slots

Gear up for the Olympic games as you try to win a gold medal with Go for Gold slots. This classic slot game offers seriously good payouts and some exciting features as well. If you're sick and tired of the pretty standard classic slots, you'll be more satisfied with the experience that this game has to offer. Give it a try and you won't be sorry.

Straightforward Bet Options

There is just one payline, but you can bet between one and three coins on it. We strongly urge all players to bet three coins each and every time that they play. Doing so gives you a chance to unlock free spins, that you would otherwise miss out on. The coin value can be set between $.01 and $10.00 which means your bet can be set at $.01 and $30.00 depending on how much you are willing to risk. Bet with all the coins and try for the best prizes that you can while playing this slot.

The Wilds are Real

The happy medalist symbol serves as the wild in this slot game and can multiply your winnings as well. Get one wild along with other paying symbols and you double the payout. Two quadruples the payout and three wilds on the payline gives you the bonus jackpot win. Three wilds gives you 800 coins for every coin that you bet on the payline. That means you could get up to 2,400 coins, which is very significant if you're betting a higher amount of money on the reels.

Try out the Bonus

The special torch symbol unlocks the bonus round in this slot game, giving you even more chances to win than your standard combinations. You need to get the symbol anywhere and bet three coins to unlock the bonus round. Once you do that you'll enjoy a chance to win some nice cash. During the bonus round you'll enjoy a set of free spins that give you even more opportunities to win real cash.

This online slot game is fun to play and pays out nicely. It's got that cool Olympic theme going for it, even though most of the symbols are just the classic standard BAR symbol. You should enjoy what this slot game has to offer you, and even when you don't win the jackpot there are some pretty impressive prizes to be won from this game, so give it a try.