Money Shot Slots

While it's difficult to predict from the name alone, Money Shot is an online slot game themed after basketball. In the slot you're trying to unlock the biggest payouts through standard basketball symbols and some pretty cool bonuses themed after the sport. The slot game starts off simply, but things can get pretty interesting the longer you play the slot game. We had to put together a full review of the slot to give you an idea of what you can expect when you play it for yourself.

Wagering Options

When you play Money Shot you have plenty of options to work with when it comes to choosing a wager amount. At the low end you are allowed to bet as little as $0.01 per spin and still keep the slot game going over the long term. At the high end you can wager as much as $10.00 per line or $200.00 in all per spin. That's a wide range of potential wager amounts, and it's easy to see why you would want to play the slot after looking at those values.

Double Your Wins Using the Wild

The wild symbol will instantly double any prize payout that you can get from Money Shot other than scatter payouts. This means that if you use the wild to help you complete different prize payouts you will automatically double their value instantly. Not only can you double your prize wins using the wild symbol, but you can also unlock one of the best payouts from the slot worth 10,000 coins by getting five wild symbols. That's a value of up to $100,000, which is an amount that would excite any gambler.

Massive Scatter Wins

Not only does this slot have an impressive fixed jackpot payout, it also has an excellent scatter reward. It's possible to win that same $100,000 if you can get five scatter symbols while having the maximum wager in position during the round. That's because five scatters are worth a total of 500x your total wager amount, more than you can expect to get from scatter payouts under most circumstances.

The Free Throw Bonus Round

Get bonus symbols on the 2nd and 4th reels at the same time and you'll trigger the special free-throw bonus round. In this round you must select a basket to shoot at. If you choose the right basket you'll come away with an impressive prize payout. Each basket has a different prize value, so choose the one you want with care!

Free Spins

If you manage to get three or more of the scatter symbols while playing Money Shot, you'll unlock the free spin bonus round. In this round you get a total of 15 free spins for a really good chance at winning some prize payouts. During those spins any prizes you manage to unlock will be worth 3x their normal amount. That means you can win up to 30,000 coins from the maximum prize, which is worth up to $300,000 with a maximum wager. How's that for an exciting prize payout?

Plenty of Autoplay Features

Along with offering some of the best bonuses and payouts that you can expect from an online slot game, Money Shot also offers advanced features like a comprehensive Autoplay feature. With the feature active you can make the game play itself. Choose how many automatic spins it will go through, select all the stop conditions and set the spin speed and you can have the slot get going.

Money Shot is an impressive slot all-around. It has a theme that stands out compared to other slot games that you'll encounter. Not only that, but the slot also showcases some pretty nice bonus features. With a top payout of $300,000, good wagering options and two bonus games, there is a lot to like about this slot game.