Sumo Slots

Sumo is a funny little slot game that shows off the world of Sumo wrestling. There's a little Sumo guy that appears on the reels, as well as a trophy and a collection of fun symbols that go along with the theme of the game. There are also the standard card symbols that aren't styled particularly well to match the theme of the game. Overall it's decent looking, but it's the features of the game that make it worth playing, not its appearance.

Bet High or Low

Sumo Slots is a bit more expensive than many WGS slots that you'll find today, with a minimum bet of $.25, but it's still pretty affordable and offers enough features to be worth the cost to a lower limit player. High rollers can raise their bet quite high and risk as much as $125 on a single spin, though this isn't as high as the $250 available at some online slots today. Either way players can choose between a wide range of bet options, coming up with something that's comfortable for them.

The Power of the Wild

The Sumo character in this slot game serves as the wild and allows you to complete more prize wins while playing. It also makes it possible to cross over multiple paylines with the same character and win in more locations, giving you combination win possibilities as you play the game. The Sumo character will also double wins and has the potential to pay out as much as 5,000 coins when five of them are found in a row.

The Trophy Bonus

There is a special bonus round known as the trophy bonus. Get three or more trophies on the screen at one time and you'll be brought to the bonus game immediately. During the game you'll see a grid of 9 trophies and it will be up to you to select the trophy that you believe will give you the best prize. You continue selecting trophies and collecting prize money until you find the word "collect" that's when the round ends.

The Sumo Slot game is pretty simple, but a lot of fun as well. The bonus feature adds an additional dynamic to the game and gives players more options to choose from while playing. The top jackpot feels a bit small for the risk involved to unlock it, but there are frequent prize payouts to make up for that.