Win Place or Show Slots

If you're interested in a good solid classic slot game online, Win Place or Show is a good slot game worth considering. The game itself has plenty of features to look through and to benefit from. And the theme of the game is pretty cool as well. You'll see a stately background featuring vibrant grass, a track and a gazebo in the background as well as a bunch of race day symbols. The symbols of the game itself are mostly related to horse races as well, setting the mood for you to begin gambling.

Few Betting Options

One thing about this slot game that many players won't enjoy is the lack of betting options. You have to choose the same bet amount per coin every single time you spin the reels, $0.50. That's more than some players will want to spend, and a lot less than some other players are going to want to bet. You can then risk between 1 and 3 coins per spin, but you'll need to bet all three if you want a shot at the progressive jackpot. That's important to realize before you start playing on this slot game. If you aren't okay with the set bet amount you should avoid this game entirely and move on to an option that's a bit friendlier with betting flexibility.

Generous Progressive Jackpot

Win Place or Show comes with a pretty generous progressive jackpot that randomly triggers as you play the game. If you're lucky enough to unlock the top jackpot you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars if the amount has climbed that high. It starts off at a modest level and goes up and up as more and more players test out the game.

The Golden Trophies Pay Out the Best

Every slot game offers one symbol that's much more valuable than all the rest, and in this game it's the golden trophies. Get three of them to while betting three coins and you'll trigger the progressive jackpot right then and there. Get three with two coins and you'll get a 1,000 coin jackpot which is pretty good. The next best thing to win is the ribbon symbol which can pay out as much as 900 coins if you get three of them on the reels while betting three coins.

This slot game is pretty simple and doesn't come with a bunch of special features, but it's still worth playing. As long as you are okay with betting the same amount all the time that you play, there is a lot to like about playing Win Place or Show.