Reel Poker Slots

There's nothing like a good game of poker to get your mind going and give you some serious goals to shoot for, but if you're a poker player that's in the mood for slots, Reel Poker Slots is a perfect option. It looks like poker with all the different card symbols, and even has a poker feel since most prizes are paid out based on standard poker hands, but it's a random slot. The game is a lot of fun, it looks nice and has some cool features as well.

Simple Gambling Action

Unlike with standard poker, this slot game is very simple. You don't choose the number of pyalines, instaed you have 100 ways to win each time you spin the reels. You can choose your bet amount, but you don't have a lot of special features to worry about managing. Instead most of the game features trigger randomly, and you can win big if you get a standard poker hand out on the reels, so keep your eyes peeled as you play.

Random Free Spins

Most free spin rounds trigger when you get specific symbols on the reels. Not with this poker slot. Instead you randomly trigger free spin rounds with up to 30 free spins that you can really maximize. These free spins will give you many more chances to win prizes and could really help bolster your bankroll.

Royal Flush is the Best

Just like in standard poker, there very best thing that you can get is a royal flush. Get one on the reels to unlock the big jackpot of 10,000 coins, which could be huge if you're betting big. Next up is the five of a kind, a non-standard poker hand, but a decent jackpot of 2,000 coins that's also worth winning.

Random Jackpots Offer Another Way to Win

If all the bonuses aren't enough for you, there is also a progressive jackpot system that triggers randomly. Even on the rounds where it doesn't look like you are going to win any prize money at all, it's possible that you'll trigger a bonus jackpot that will pay out nicely. The major jackpot can be in the thousands, while the other two jackpots are pretty decent as well and offer a nice little cash boost.

Reel Poker Slots is a cool mash up of poker and slots and it's a different experience than video poker. It's just plain fun, and you don't have to worry about strategizing, which makes it a good break from traditional poker as well.