Swept Away Slots

Live out life on a deserted dessert island in Swept Away, the online classic slot game. While playing this slot you'll see all sorts of symbols that are common to a standard survivor situation. There's the SOS symbol, a raft, a camp fire, the Swept Away bonus symbol and then Bar symbols that are common to classic slot games. While there is a pretty small assortment of slot symbols, the prizes paid out vary dramatically and there are a lot of winning options to look forward to from this single payline slot game.

Placing a Bet

The only real option that you have to worry about in this slot game, is your bet value. The more you bet, the more you can win. There are two parts when it comes to your bet value. The first is the coin value, which you can set as low as $.01 and as high as $10.00. The second is your coin amount, which goes from 1 to 3. With the top amount and value, you could risk up to $30 per spin. With the lowest of both, you're only risking $.01 per spin. That's a huge difference, which gives you plenty of gambling flexibility overall.

The Swept Away Symbol

The Swept Away symbol is literally the most valuable thing that you can get in this slot game and it pays out a wide range of prizes to you. If you're betting three coins and you get three of them on the payline, you can get up to 4,000 coins. If you get three of the symbols out of position you can get 1,000 coins with a 3 coin bet, and if you get two symbols or one symbol you'll get small scatter type payouts from the slot game.

It's a Simple Game

Classic slot games tend to be very simple to play, and this one isn't any different. From the moment you start playing you'll only have a few different options to choose from and that is it. That makes playing the game straightforward and easy, which is why so many people seem to enjoy it even if they don't like the more complex slot games. There aren't any bonuses, no wilds and no special free spin rounds or multipliers to worry about. This means that it's a bit more difficult to win prizes, but you will always know what is going on in this slot game.

Swept Away Slots is everything that an online classic slot game should be. It's simple to play, offers decent jackpot payouts, and gives you a wide range of bet amount options. What more could you ask for?