Wheel of Chance 5 Reel Slots

Bring your game show dreams to life and try out the Wheel of Chance 5 reel slot game! It's based loosely off the Wheel of Fortune game show and gives you a chance to win money in real life without ever having to show up on live television. The game features a range of unique symbols, including the beautiful hostess, fabulous prizes like a suitcase of money, a stack of money, a brand-new sports car, a family vacation and a big fat diamond, and of course there is a collection of vowels that appear on the reels as well. It's up to you to play the game and to win as much money as you can while you do it.

Bet Big or Small

When you play the Wheel of Chance slot you have the opportunity to bet large or small. Bets can be as minimal as $.01 and as great as $200. This makes it easy for players to choose an amount that they're comfortable with before they start playing the game.

Get Wilds and Unlock the Bonus Round to Win Big

There is some serious money to be won while playing this slot game. It's possible to take home as much as 8,000 coins if you get the jackpot unlocked, but even if you don't you'll have a wide range of potential prizes to win as you play. Try to get wilds with each spin for more prizes, or try to unlock the wheel bonus with the wheel symbol on the reels. This pays out really well too and is one of the main reasons that players enjoy the Wheel of Chance slot game.

Spin the Wheel Bonus Game

In Wheel of Chance you'll have the opportunity to spin a wheel that looks just like the Wheel of Fortune from the game show. While spinning this wheel you'll either land on a sum that will be added to your total win amount, or you'll land on a bust spot and lose all that you've won. You can keep spinning the wheel again and again for increasingly large sums, but more bust spots will show up on the wheel as well, increasing your chances of busting while playing. It's important to collect before you land on a bust spot whenever you can, otherwise you'll lose it all!

Try for Free

To get a feel for this advanced slot game you're allowed to try it out for free before you ever play it for real money. Simply click on the "Try Me" button and start up the slot with your play credits. You'll learn how the game works and get a chance to get comfortable with the bonus feature before you start playing for real money.

The Wheel of Chance 5 reel slot game has a lot to offer and it's an entertaining game, but it's especially enjoyable if you're a fan of the TV show that the game is based off of. You'll like the bonus game and the thrill of possibly bringing home a big stack of cash that you can enjoy any way that you like.