Eastern Dragon Slots

Eastern Dragon is an Asian-themed slot game that seems especially high class. Perhaps that's because it shows off a vibrant sunset color background with gold trimmed dragons and stately pillars, or maybe it's because there are some seriously good prizes available to the gamblers that are willing to take this slot out for a spin. Either way, there's plenty to like about Eastern Dragon, and it's a slot that you'll want to test out for yourself.

Only a Few Unique Symbols

I really love the slots that rely on all unique symbols, and that's just not the case with Eastern Dragon. Of course there is a dragon symbol, there's a lotus flower, a koi fish, a paper lantern and other characteristic characters on the game, but there's also a collection of card symbols. Sure they're carefully styled to help them blend in with the overall theme of the game, but the game still lacks originality because of them.

Place Your Bet

With 20 paylines you can bet as little as $.01 while playing the game, or as much as $200. This gives you the ability to win some seriously large jackpots if you're willing to risk a bit more money.

Make the Most of Free Games

The free spin round is triggered by three or more of the coin symbols which serve as the game's scatter. When three or more of those symbols pop up you'll be whisked away to the free spin rounds where the spinning the reels costs you nothing and every prize paid out is tripled. This is the time when you can unlock the massive $60,000 jackpot if you're playing for the full amount, and it's your best bet to win Eastern Dragon riches.

Unlock the $60,000 Jackpot

It's possible to win this massive payout if you're lucky enough to get four Koi symbols along with a wild dragon to complete the win. These symbols need to show up in the free spin round so that they can be tripled for you. Then you'll receive a huge payout, that could be as high as the top amount listed above.

Eastern Dragon doesn't pay out massive amounts, it doesn't show off unique bonus features or even symbols that are that unique, but it's worth a play and is a lot of fun as well. Give it a try today and you'll come to love the straightforward but nice looking game. It also pays pretty well with a bit of luck.