Island Hoppers Slots

Island Hoppers is a good old-fashioned classic slot game with a single payline and a military theme to it. You'll have a series of military metals as well as war planes to help you unlock the best possible prize payouts that you can. The game features pretty standard gameplay and the graphics aren't anything too exciting, but the overall payouts are decent, and the straightforward gameplay of this slot makes it simple for anyone to pick up and get going with.

Basic Betting

With just a single payline you don't have too many different betting options available to you. It's up to you to decide whether you want to put just a single coin or up to three on that payline in Island Hoppers. When you put three coins you can bet up to a maximum of $30 with a value of $10 on each coin. You can go down to as low as $.01 per spin of the reels with a single coin, or $.03 per spin with all three coins of the lowest value on the payline of this slot game.

Simple Gameplay

When it comes to classic slot games, Island Hoppers is about as simple as it gets. The game is true to the theme of classic slots and focuses in on just straightforward gameplay. There aren't bonuses, wilds or other special features. Instead you play through the rounds and try to win the top payout that's available.

Winning Big

The most you can win off of one turn is 2,000 coins or up to $20,000. That's a pretty decent payouts for a maximum bet of $30, and serious gamblers can have great success with this slot with a bit of luck on their side. The big win comes from the golden wings symbols and they are responsible for all three of the top prize payouts. If you want to win big it's best to bet as much as you can while playing this slot, but even players at lower limits can enjoy decent payouts from the pilot's wings.

Island Hoppers is a fun-filled online slot game without all the extra features that could be considered confusing by some players. Sure the top payout is limited to $20,000, which is pretty small compared to some other slots out there, but when you consider that you only have to bet $30 to unlock that payout, that seems like a pretty good deal to us. Give the game a try and you might find that it's your new favorite classic slot.