Solomons Mines Slots

Solomons Mines Slots

Test your luck while mining for real riches playing the Solomon's Mine slot game by WGS. In this game it's up to you to dig around for the rare treasure that's hiding behind the reels. You'll find golden coins, rubies, as well as some unexpected discoveries like a skeleton now and then and a backpack from a lost hiker. The slot game is exciting, it has an eerie look to it that keeps it mysterious and fun and it offers a pretty cool bonus game as well as wilds and scatters to keep the prizes coming. There are a total of 25 paylines across 5 reels, and you'll have many opportunities to win some serious cash while playing this slot game.

Place a Small or Large Bet

As with many WGS slot games the betting range is pretty wide. You can bet as little as $.01 if you want to make the most of your money, or you can risk up to $250 every single spin if you have cash to burn and want to try for the biggest prizes.

Check Prize Values

While playing Solomon's Mine you'll have a paytable available to you at all times that you can reference. If you have any questions about what certain symbols are worth or how a bonus works, simply open this table up and look at the information inside.

Winning the Big Prizes in the Main Game

When playing Solomon's Mine you want to get all of the non-card symbols as much as possible. That includes things like the red ruby, the backpack, the skeleton and the coins. These objects are worth the most prize money of any of the symbols and are well worth going for. Penelope is the wild symbol and will help finish off prizes to get you paid more often. The green book symbol is the scatter and pays out no matter where it is located as long as two or more are present.

Unlocking the Bonus Round

Get three or more of the green book symbols and you'll start up the special bonus game in Solomon's Mine which is a lot of fun. In the bonus game you'll have the opportunity to choose between two vases. One has a gem and the other has a MISS symbol. Pick the gem and you'll get a prize multiplier to reward you with a nice amount times your original bet. Get the MISS symbol and the game is over. As long as you pick a gem you can continue picking between two vases for a chance to multiply that prize more and more. It's possible to multiply the prize by more than 100x if you are lucky enough.

Solomon's Mine is a fun slot game with the right look and feature set to interest most players for a long time. Give it a try today and see exactly what it has to offer.