Fruit Slots Slots

Fruit Slots is a traditional three reel online slot game from WGS that doesn't rely on special features to entice players. The theme itself is pretty basic, with a mix of Bar symbols and different fruits to look forward to. You'll have the opportunity to place your bet and try for one of the prize wins. There aren't special bonuses to look forward to, just good straightforward slot action.

Minimal Bets

With just a single payline to use your bet amount is pretty limited but you can bet up to $30 across three coins on the one single payline that's available. That's pretty impressive and gives you a solid range to rely on as you play.

Win Big

The top jackpot at this slot game is for 2,500 coins and that's enough to get excited about. If you're betting the maximum amount while playing, you could win as much as $75,000 from the slot. Even with lower bets you stand to win a pretty significant amount of money from a top jackpot win.

Straightforward Gambling

Today most players are used to free spins and other special bonus rounds. You don't have anything like that to worry about while you play Fruit Slots. Instead you get a very simple and straightforward playstyle. Simply pull the lever, spin the reels and hope to win. All the possible wins are listed on the visible pay table the entire time that you play, and you'll always know whether or not you won on the one single pay line that's available. For gamblers that want something simple and easy for them to try out, this slot game is just the right thing. Players that want something a bit more advanced may grow bored after a short play session.

While Fruit Slots doesn't offer as many features as some other slots, it does offer decent odds, decent payouts and a straightforward gambling system. When you play you will know what to expect, and that's the reason that many players seem to enjoy it so much. Give the game a try and see whether it appeals or not to you. You'll know quickly and if you don't like it you can simply move on to another option instead. That's the beauty of this game and it could be just the game for you.