Winning Waves Slots

Winning Waves is a bit of a unique classic slot game in that there are a total of 5 paylines for the three reels offered by the game. It's not the only classic slot to offer more than a single payline, but it's on a pretty small list of games to do this. This keeps things interesting, along with the pretty nice graphics that the game shows off as you play.

Cool Beach Graphics

The graphics on this video slot game are pretty simple, but they are nice to look at anyway. The only special symbol on the reels themselves is the sun symbol, and it's responsible for all high payouts. Other than that, there are 7's and bar symbols. The background of the slot game is a nice beach with a huge wave going over it. There are also some palm trees sitting at the bottom of each of the three reels giving it a nice look overall.

Place your Bet

Winning Waves has five pay lines nad you can put a single coin on each one of them. With a top coin value of $10, you can bet up to $50 per spin of the reels for the best chance of winning big money. You'll need to risk the top amount to win the biggest prize of all.

Unique Sun Prize System

Winning Waves is a classic slot that has five paylines overall, making it a bit unique for classic slots. Another unique factor of this online slot game is the way that the sun symbols pay out. They are worth a different amount depending on the way that they are set up on the reels. In other words, some paylines pay out much more than others. Getting the suns on the center payline gives you the smallest amount of 600 coins, but getting them on the last fifth payline pays out a whopping 3,500 coins. That's why you have to wait to see how many coins you get when you have the sun symbols on the reels.

Winning Waves doesn't offer any special bonuses or free spins as you play, but if you bet the top amount while playing the game you could win as much as 35,000 coins. You need to be betting all five coins while you play this slot game though, which means you would have to spend $50 per spin to win the top jackpot.