Treasure Trail Slots

Treasure Trail is a fun little WGS slot game that has a pretty impressive top jackpot that you can win while playing. The game features a bunch of pirate-related symbols, and from the moment that you start playing you could win a whole lot. The bet is fixed, but the game is still worth playing as long as you don't mind the limited bet setting.

Single Bet Option

When you play Treasure Trail you're limited to three different bet amounts, but really only one bet amount if you want a chance at the full progressive jackpot. The coin value is locked at $2.00, but you can bet between 1 and 3 coins on your single payline of this slot game. That means you can bet between $2.00 and $6.00 per spin.

Huge Progressive Jackpot

The real star of Treasure Trail is the progressive jackpot that you can win with a bit of luck. To unlock the jackpot you need three of the cross symbols. If you're betting a single coin you'll get 15% of the jackpot. If you bet two coins you'll get 30% of the jackpot and betting all three gets you the full jackpot.

Decent Fixed Jackpots Too

While the progressive jackpot is certainly the star of this online slot game, there are some decent jackpots paid out as well. The treasure chest symbol pays as much as 500 coins if you are lucky enough to get three of them while betting three coins. That's a decent price of $1,000, but it's not a huge win. There is also the skull symbol that will pay out as much as 50 coins if you get all three of them with a three coin bet. Prizes are given out regularly and you could win quite often without spending a huge amount of money to do so.

It's Simple and Easy

Treasure Trail is a pretty simple slot game overall. It doesn't have special bonuses, free spins or wilds. Instead the symbols you get are the ones you have. You can win some nice prizes, but you'll always know when you qualify for them and there isn't much mystery involved with this game. If you want a straightforward gambling experience this is the slot for you.

Treasure Trail is a good solid slot game for classic slot fans and it has a pretty good upside of a high jackpot payout, but you need to get really lucky to get any big wins from this game. Sure there are better slots out there, but this one is worth testing out at least once.