La Cucaracha Slots

La Cucaracha Slots

Enjoy some fun Mexican vibes while playing the La Cucaracha slot game. This bright and fun game features symbols like a Mariachi player, a pair of maracas, a cactus with a face and a cockroach character as well as spicy chili. Each of the symbols offers a special prize and you'll find yourself with some exciting winning opportunities while playing. You have to use all 25 paylines when you gamble on this game, but you'll have the opportunity to win as much as $50,000 as long as you're comfortable making the maximum bet.

High Rollers and Newbies can Bet Comfortably

It doesn't matter if you're working with a $100,000 bankroll or using up your last $5.00, there is a comfortable betting option for you at La Cucaracha slots. The bet range is massive with a minimum amount of $.25 available and a maximum of $250. You set the value of each coin between .01 and $10.00 and those coins are bet over 25 pay lines. No matter what amount you risk you'll have a chance to win decent prizes, which keeps this slot game interesting.

Winning the Standard Game

Unlike many slot games, many of the best prizes are available right in the standard game. That means you should be going for all of the non-traditional symbols for the very best prizes. Once you get your screen loaded up with chilis, maracas, musicians and cactuses you know that the best prizes are coming. If you get tired of spinning the reels flip the autplay feature on and let the game take over for you.

Playing the Chili Bonus

Getting three or more roach scatter symbols unlocks the bonus chili game that gives you a chance to win some pretty nice prizes. To win this bonus game you simply choose between different chili's and if you choose the right ones you'll up your "Chili-Owi-Meter" and win more lucrative prizes.

The Top Jackpot Isn't Cheap

While playing this slot game it's possible to win as much as $50,000, but you'll only have access to such prize levels if you're betting the maximum amount while you play, and most people simply can't afford to risk $250 with every spin of the reels. That means you'll likely be playing for a lesser prize with this slot game.

This slot game is slightly dull in appearance compared to others today, and it doesn't come with as many special features as brand-new gaming options do, but it still has plenty to offer and is worth a play by anyone looking for a light and fun slot game. Give it a try today and you could be one of the lucky few to win a significant jackpot from this game.