Big Time Slots

Big Time Slot is all about gangsters and their lifestyle. That means as you play this slot game you’ll see bulldogs, cars, spray paint, girls, helicopters handcuffs and more. All the vibrant symbols that you probably associate with gangsters throughout the 80’s. Big Time Slot is a fun visit of that theme, and offers some real winning opportunities as well.

Set the Bet

There are plenty of betting options to choose from when playing Big Time Slots. You can go for a very minor bet at just $.01, or you can up the ante with a more serious bet of up to $10.00. It’s recommended to go for the biggest bet that you can afford, because this will maximize the money that you win as you play this slot game. With a $10 maximum coin bet, you can risk up to $250 per spin of the reels by betting on all 25 pay lines, giving you some very large potential for profits.

Activate the Auto Spin Feature

There is a free and real money version of this slot game, and there is also a special feature that lets you auto spin the reels of the slot. You can easily choose to have the reels spin on their own up to 500 times without having to press the spin button. If you opt for this feature you’ll be able to sit back and relax while this slot game plays on its own. Just make sure that you keep an eye on the game to see when you win major prizes or to help you decide when to stop if you should quit early.

Wilds and Free Spins

As you play this slot game you’ll see plenty of wild symbols pop up to give you more chances to win prizes. There is also a free spin bonus that you can unlock to help you win even more money without having to risk it. If you’re lucky enough to unlock the free spins you’ll get a series of spins that could win you a large amount of money potentially and that could easily turn around a play session, making it more profitable. So play for the free spins and hope for the best, because there are some pretty significant wins available.

Overall Big Time Slots is a decent looking game with some cool features. There’s a wild in the game that makes more winning combinations possible, but overall it’s a pretty standard slot experience. If you like the theme of the game, you should give it a try. IF not, there probably isn’t much to look forward to from this slot that another slot from the same company couldn’t offer you.